I have finally decided to insist my mother move somewhere else becuase it is no longer safe for her to live with me. I work long hours and live in a very rural area. My sister has offered to have my mother with her since she has other family close by and often works from home. My mother is so mad at me. She is telling everyone I told her to get out and that I don't want her to be part of my life anymore. She also informed me this morning that I can not make her move. She has fallen several times in the last 2 months. she is going blind from Diabetes and is in the midlle stages of dementia. We have always been close and I have never faught with her. The stress from this is making it hard to do my job, I am not sleeping and the fighting has been causing anxiety and chest pain. How do you move past all of this and stay sane?

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thanks for the input.

You are lucky to have the option of her going to your sister. Getting thru the transition won't be easy, but after a few months she will be fighting with with sis and you will be her wonderful sweet daughter. Remember what you are going thru now, and offer respite to your sister as much as you can. I took over for my sister and she deserted me. She complained about Mom for years (wasn't even living with her) and now that I am here 24/7/365 she takes Mom on an occasional outing and is treated like a queen. She forgets that she has called Mom selfish and mean and worse (as did her husband and son).
You can do this if you and your sister communicate and work as a team. Good Luck!

Hi alh8652,
I think you are right on moving your Mom. It sounds like it just is not healthy for you and not an ideal location for your Mom . You need to take care of yourself as well as your mom. If your sister is willing to take Mom in then just try and get through this moving stage and get Mom settled. Once she is I bet she will feel much less hostile. Try and take it day by day. Try and be positive about the move with your Mom and not let her negativitly get you down. I know that is easier said than done!! maybe have your sister come over and spend extra time with your Mom before the move to get Mom acquainted to her level of care.

Hang in there. You can do this!!

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