Mom has put WAY TOOOO MUCH toilet paper in the commode, put in stockings, the center brown cardboard from the bath tissue, plastic wrappers etc. any suggestions on what to do? The toilet becomes clogged and I become the Plummer.

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I have a similar problem. It is mainly because my mother doesn't flush the toilet each time she uses it. Many times I check the bathroom to see the toilet bowl is filled with tissue. I flush it anytime I see something is in it. I also quit buying Charmin, because it is harder to break down. Our sewage was backing up a lot. I buy Angel Soft now. It isn't as tough, so breaks down easier.

I encourage my mother to flush the toilet more often. She has excuses, like saving money on the water/sewage bill or not making noise that would wake me at night. She might improve for the day, but falls back to her low-flush mode quickly. I try to keep an eye out, because I know she is not going to change.

I haven't used them myself, but others have spoken of a basket in the bottom of the toilet bowl to catch stuff. I don't even like to think about this -- only a certain amount of grossness I'm able to tolerate.

The simplest fix is to disconnect the flush handle mechanism in the toilet tank, then you will only have to clean out the bowl.

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