I feel guilty about EVERYTHING. .. and I think I am the only one that smells every STINKY thing in the house !

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I can certainly empathize. I married for 24 years to a person who had me convinced that EVERYTHING was my fault. I can distinctly recall feeling that Bosnia, well, wasn't there something I could have done to prevent that?

I went to therapy. I went on antidepressants. I got better. I learned to recognize my disordered thinking and how to counter it.

You can do this. Go see your doctor. Please. You are so worth it.

Dear Nonnineedshelp1,

You can't possibly be guilty about EVERYTHING. Some things, maybe. But everything, nope, not possible.

And, yes, you could be the only one in the house who smells bad things. I guess that depends on who else lives in the house. People with certain types of dementia lose all ability to smell things. Some people have limited ability to begin with. Being able to smell everything is both a safety feature (if there is a gas leak) and an annoyance.

Are the stink and the guilt related? Do you think it might be a punishment? Nope. Just the way your nose is wired.

If you have such a crushing weight of guilt, I hope you will seek some counseling/therapy. You need to hear from an objective outsider that the whole world is not your responsibility and you can't possibly be guilty about everything.

False guilt will prevent you from doing what you can do to make your situation better. Please find help!

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