I watched the movie "Still Alice' tnight w/my mom.She is always making remarks about 'getting alzheimers'.I wanted her to know what it really was.My mom,I believe never developed mentally in several different ways.She was a child of 7 during WW2,and the village she was in got hit daily.School was interrupted.You didnt admit to knowing ANYTHING!!!Even if you did! Ignorance was survival.Lived w/her 'oma' and 'opah' ,till she met my dad,an Aushweitz survivor.Then she became his 'charge'.Babies,deep involvement in a doomsday cult,and he is gone.The only one willing to help her,is me,the 'bad one'.The other upright christian sibs want nothing to do w.her,due to no inheritance.No pot f gold..Well,they messed up.My mom herself,is the pot of gold.No longer involved in that cult,she and I have a blast.BUT,she is little bit lazy and unwilling to'put herself out there',hence the total illiteracy.BUt,I never had kids,finally got a very cool ,enlightened husband,and w.the help of 4 cats? we get by.Always worried about the "Family' causing trouble.They took both her and I to court.Stole my dads minivan,that I bought for him and my mom,so they could go south for the winters in comfort.they falsely signed my name and guess what? They won! Good does NOT always win...But its ok.I have her.I never had kids,and she is my baby now.and my mom too.An interesting juxtaposition.I like this forum.Thank you all for your experiences."Like a break in the battle,is your input" thank you all!

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Yeah,I couldnt believe it either.It proved to me that "good does not always win"..Not immediatly anyway.

DesertPorcupine, it sounds like you have family history that would make an interesting movie all in itself. I can't believe they got the minvan. I suspect that they'll have to walk everywhere if they make it through the Pearly Gates, while you and your mother will ride in a fine carriage.

Did you like the movie? I have it bookmarked on Amazon for when I have a free evening... which is most evenings. :)

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