My mother in law clearly has the signs of some sort of mental condition.... Forgets things, people, has a monthly income of 4,000 and struggles every month because her oldest grandson cons her out of her money.
8 years ago she lost the love of her life so she's not only grieving herself to death but the worry of paying her Bill's is also destroying her. I can't believe a person could do such a thing, to anyone but especially his grandmother. Not sure what to do or where to start. Need major help please

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Can you get a paper trail, any proof and go to the police? Any men in the family that can confront this kid? It may be time for someone to take over her finances. Would she cooperate? Maybe grant POA? This is your step son? What's your hubby got to say about this? His mom right?

Call APS. Of course, SHE has to want this to stop.

What are her health issues? Has she been evaluated for depression, dementia, anxiety? Will she see a doctor about these issues?

Will she go with a trusted family member to an eldercare attorney who can advise on how to protect her money from this man and others who might try to take advantage?

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