Assisted Living residences vary , look for the options. Mom is in one that has staff look in on her every few hours and she has to sign in and out. This program gives her meds and reminds her of dinner time. A person has to have Power of Attorney which does not allow the resident to just leave on their own.Some days mom is mad at me for everything(the doctor took the driving priviledges away) but I can just hug her and say good-bye if it is too much! Mom praises the siblings who are farther away and not as involved but I know i did the best for her and she is in lovely place with her own things. you just have to keep positive and know you are doing the best you can.

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My momz is 82 and has been diagnosed with alzheimers.
She is a total angel with everyone , accept me.
I am a only child/only family...shes out lived many of them!

I am experiencing so much verbal abuse from her...that its making me ill ( AGAIN-I overcame medical issues in the past) . I am being told, I will need to do the disease is making her forget day to day things.

I am a child of this is just the same only amplified now...AND NO ONES TALKS TO HER AND BELIEVES ,she is doing what I describe! Because shes sooooooooooooooooooooo nice to everyone!

She has been my mom & dad, and in her own way she has protected me and loved me( SHE JUST DOESNT KNOW HOW TO TALK TO ME-She was a abused child and wife)

I managed to visit a nursing home, and I am told its a very nice one...but I am not satisfied with it.
Momz has medicare/medicaid/ssi and a small ss check....
I am disabled also.
I dont know a lot about ASSISTED LIVING, but what dear Karo described above would be good for my momz...someone to remind her everyday , check on her, give her her meals ( or remind her). Whats the difference between it and a Nursing home?
I thank you all, God Bless you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas

You sound like a wonderful daughter, Karo. It's good that you can give your mom the care she needs and the love she deserves without losing yourself in guilt or in unhealthy comparisons with your siblings. Good for you!


Your attitude is great, Karo.

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