My husband feels that stopping statins for the elderly who have no risk factors for cardiovascular disease is a way of increasing the earlier demise of this population. He is an MD and feels there is insufficient evidence to support this advice. he also feels that the pneumonia vaccine should be continued for those over 65 for these reasons.
During a recent hospital stay I was offered and accepted a pneumonia booster as it had been about ten years since my last one. My cardiologist recently stopped my statin because my cholesterol levels are now normal and he felt the side effects can outweigh the benefits as we age. I was in total agreement with this decision and my levels will continue to be monitored at least annually. I am now 75 and have A fib from rheumatic heart disease.
I was wondering what others felt about these actions for their loved ones or themselves as I know many caregivers are also not so young.
I know it is important to be very vigilant about the care of the elderly in general as they often get less than adequate attention and need an advocate. I am still alert enough and have sufficient knowledge to question everything that is recommended for me.
My husband is very paranoid about his care in general and feels that the elderly come out poorly in the health care equation. He is very vocal and appears to be at least 15 years younger than his chronological age and has antagonized several Drs over the years to the extent they have discouraged him from using their services

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I think if you have lived to the age of 80, you have already been exposed to every virus you will ever be exposed to and you won the battle. The 2014 flu season has hit hardest on those under age 50. So why aren't the old people getting it? Because they already had something similar and are immune. If their immune systems are no longer working properly, even a vaccine won't help. Boost your immune system with diet, exercise and fresh air.
Statins were over used and over prescribed. When they lowered the cholesterol target to 140, memory losses increased. That's right, your BRAIN needs cholesterol above 160. Cancer increases when cholesterol is below 160. Do your body a favor and cut the statins. If your cholesterol stays around 200, you are better off without them . Now go eat your veggies.

I agree 100% with Debralee that flu and pneumonia vaccines are a must.

One thing I found with taking prescribed medications are issues with the fillers used to make the pill large enough to pick up and handle. Knock on wood, I only take two prescribed meds, but if the meds come in from a different manufacturer I have terrible side effects from the fillers that are used. The drug store knows only to use a certain manufacturer for me.

The side effects run the gambit from cloudy mind, to panic attacks. Recently I found out my aging Mother has the same problem with fillers, and she found she has no problem if the pills come from a certain manufacturer.... I found it interesting she had the same problem as I do. Now it has me wondering how many elderly are spaced out from the fillers.

Pneumonia and flu vaccines are a must. Those illnesses are contageous and can be caught by other people. Cannot see the continued use for Statins if colesterol counts are within normal range. I am not so sure about the healthcare equation except when it comes to presciption drugs. Too many elderly are being over prescribed medications that can do them more harm than good.

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