How do you continue to try to live a normal life??? My husband is 73 and has parkinson's - I am healthy and 62 . All of our couples friends have "dropped" us - we are no longer enjoyable to be around. I am so lonely I could just die. Help!

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Wow I can get what ur going thru..I am taking care of my husband and raising 2 kids so you can imagine the overload I have at times. He finally has a hospital bed but i say unless they are paying you get him a respite caregiver so you can have a break and get out of the house. It is sad when family and friends shunned you for doing the most important job there is and cannot offer you support. I have been there and done that ...I rely on myself not on others but if i need a break I can ask his insurance to give me a respite caregiver for a few days and I am stuck in the 24-7 windmill with him. I am also working on getting a second job so I can have some freedom and breathe ..the one thing holding me back is the guilt. Find a support grp and talk to your pastor and the insurance he is covered with because u honestly need the break and maybe establish a circle of ppl who are in the same boat as you so you do not feel like you lost ur oar. My thoughts are with you.

Colette, sent u a hug n suggestion to move ur ? To the "ask a ?" section, u'll get responses there... Do u know to find the virtual hugs sent to u? Have a good weekend, kimbee

Colette, I am sorry you are facing such a tough situation. As my spouse is not sick, I am not in your exact situation, but I care for my mom in our home and felt a huge sense of isolation until I found AC! Welcome! this site has become my lifeline. I feel a thousand times less isolated since I arrived here. I'm sure the same will be true for you too. I am working hard to make time for breaks so I don't burn out. We really need that when caregiving. I'm sorry your couple friends are not there for you in the way you had hoped they would be. That must feel terrible. We ARE though, and hope you'll stick around. It takes a while till people see and answer ?s here, so be patient-others with lots of experience will be checking in w ideas about how they managed this all to frequent issue. I would also suggest finding a local support group for Parkinsons-sounds like time for friends who will stand by you both. Sending you hugs, luv, prayers, physical strength and some moments of relief and joy. Hang in there! Kimbee


I am sorry to hear about what caregiving is doing to your life. It is not an easy job and many caregivers are in similar situation. Here is an article written by one of our AC editors on caring for a spouse. I hope this helps.

How Caring for a Spouse Can Strengthen Your Bond

Also, is an awesome place to find the support and resources so stick around, join some forums, and have as much fun as you can.

Here is one of our largest forums for you to join in on and meet great caregivers.

The Caregiver....How are YOU doing today?

Best of Luck,
Karie H. Team

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