I told Dad he had plenty of time to take a shower this morning, so he got right up, and headed in there. He was not out of the bathroom, until it was almost time to go downstairs (or, at least, when he likes to start heading down, breakfast is served at 8, and ends at 9). Anyway, he came out of the bathroom, all refreshed, with the clean underwear, long johns, and t-shirt I had laid out for him in the bathroom. I helped him finish getting ready, and still would have been down around 8:00, once he made his final trip to the bathroom.

I was concerned that me could possibly miss his oatmeal, so, just to be sure, I went downstairs and told them he was coming down. When I got back to his room, he was still in the bathroom. After a total of about 20 minutes of being in there, I heard a faint, "help". I went to the door and asked if he needed me, to which he replied in the affirmative.

When I entered, Dad was sitting on the toilet, with his underwear and long underwear on, but his pants pulled down to his ankles. He told me that I had put his long johns on backward. The whole time I was taking off his shoes, pants, and long johns, he was telling me how I had never done that before, and I must have been really tired, or half asleep I just nodded.

After letting him go back into the bathroom, I waited to redress him in his pants and shoes. I did that, while listening to him go on and on about how I was, "bass ackward" today. When I finally got him ready again, I tried to direct him to the door, but he said he, again, had to use the bathroom.

I finally got him downstairs about 8:30, all the while hearing how I must have been thinking about something else this morning, because I have never done that before. He also had to immediately tell the ladies he sits with that I was all backwards this morning. I had already whispered to Wilma that it's always my fault. She and I nodded and winked a lot.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. We'll see how lunch and his heart doctor appointment go.

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Thank you Captain!

Laugh or cry, right? Glad you can laugh.

great attitude , your dad has the right person caring for him imo .

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