I cannot say that that my mother has gone through her life as a complete moron but she has had her moments of bad decision making that affects both the house and myself negatively. A few examples of the decision she's made include

Deciding to keep a mean dog given by a pastor who clearly didn't want to keep him because of it's temperment. (Part Chihuahua part pug) and being ok with not letting anyone including myself discipline him so he'll bark at new people and piss and shit all over the house and eat anything of significants to others and it'll be your fault somehow

Deciding to give a prostitute $150.00 part of which was MY money which she paid me back which enevitably sent her account into the negative then not only that but acctually offering her to live with us in exchange that she help her with her physical needs.

Deciding to bring several addicts into our lives as she wanted to try and help them. meantime I was entirely responsible for hiding any and all narcotics.

Deciding to bring 4 additional cats given by an addict and a wrech of a human being if asked me and cared for them by sending me to feed, water and provide sanitary conditions which was out of the question since they were supposed to stay in the shed area (it was so big it actually could have been used as maybe like half a house). Those poor cats lived there in misery for almost a year.

Deciding that it was a good idea to bring a ferral cat with us when we moved from N.C. to VA because she wanted to see if she could try and domesticate it even though that cat had a huge possibility to stay in NC since I found a very patient and loving owner. The last time I had seen that cat her tail was torn off and she was completely and utterly lost....haven't seen her since.

Deciding that it is ok to tell me that if I want to be taken seriously by people, then I need to learn how to debate properly and then will decide to get knee deep into an argument that she felt did not have correct factual information with something as mundane as a ciggarette corporation.

Frankly these are some of the decisions that she's made on the past 4 or 5 years, and it concerns me to take her seriously or trust what her next move will be towards letting people, animals, or even new situations into our life. I am curious to know if this kind of behavior occurs to older people who are in mental or physical perdicuments and can't feel as usefull as they once had.

Right or wrong our parents decisions effect their children. I have had 4 cats in 40 years. Loved them all but I am done caring for animals. I feel compassion for all animals but I wouldn't want to have to take on the responsibility of them because someone in the family has volunteered and can't do it and expects me to. Yes, its nice Mom has a heart but she doesn't have the money to be generous. The Bible says caring for your family comes first. And we all know that being generous can be a sickness if carried too far.

Who is paying for the place u live? If you are, you can say No. If its 50/50 may have to compromise but...if your the one cleaning up and taking on the responsibility of these animals, tell Mom it has to stop. No more animals once the ones u have pass and no more additional.

Yes, for I easily found the OP online. You really need to protect your identity and privacy.

I have to say that if my kids felt about me the way you feel about your mother, I wouldn’t want them anywhere near me. I’m sure there have been occasions when they’ve questioned my decisions. However, their general opinion of me is not that I am a “dumb*ss”.

Mom is bringing you along on her animal and people rescue journey. Out of kindness, you’ve rehomed a few animals and taken care of others. I did animal rescue for an organization for years and I know how heart-wrenching and addictive it can be. But I never pushed my responsibilities toward the animals off on someone else. I fear that if you were to leave, she would become an animal hoarder. If you should leave, notify your city or county humane shelter of her situation.

You cannot change Mom’s way of life. She subscribes to the teachings in the Bible where Jesus says “What you do for the least of me, you do for Me.” What do YOU want to do? What outcome are you looking for? Do you want out? Do you want to find someone to take care of Mom other than you? Where would the 2 of you go if you weren’t together? If you want Mom to feel useful, study up on this website how to do this for her. If you are continually looking to debate with her and continuously prove her wrong, you’re sunk before you begin. A little compassion, my dear. Your post shows Mom is on your last nerve and it may be better for you both if one of you goes to live someplace else.

Oh, and do take cmagnum’s advice about your profile.

Most people make unwise decisions throughout their entire lifespans. Be glad if you can see ahead clearly while making decisions and refuse to mop up other people’s messes.

You sound young - how old are you and your mother? Your profile says you have been a caregiver for 5 years, what are your mother's disabilities that she needs care?
Your mom sounds like a soft touch, unless this is a significant change in her personality due to cognitive impairment she has the right to be as flakey as she wants to be, but you don't have to hang around and support her bad decisions. Maybe it's time to reclaim your independence and let the chips re your mother fall where they may.

And unfortunately, unless they have been declared incompetent, they must be allowed to continue making their dumb *ss choices, but we don't have to be part of their collateral damage.

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