Something sweet and upbeat--for a change!


My 3rd daughter ( 5 kids, 1 boy, 4 girls) moved from Houston to Richmond VA in May to finish up her hubby's fellowship. So he works crazy Dr hours, of course. They have two kids, a girl who is almost 7 and a little boy, just turned 4. They decide they better have the "last baby" before the youngest was much older. Dd becomes pregnant and within a month or so is "Princess Kate" sick---and knows practically no one in VA. She is vomiting so much and is so weak and sick--Dr Hubby can't take an hour off work....

My kids have their "siblings Instagram" that I am not allowed to be a part of. (I'm not offended by this, they need to be able to talk freely and I don't need to hear it all!)
She sends out the news she's pg and absolutely miserable....the kids talk and my son immediately flies from Seattle to Richmond and spends 10 days with her, cleaning, cooking, taking her for IV's to rehydrate--whatever. Gets her 6 yo ready for 1st grade. Unpacks and organizing her home. Meets all the new neighbors and sets up playdates for the kids. Makes and freezes a bunch of meals.
He flies home, 2nd oldest Dd flies out for a week, leaving her 4 kids and hubby at home and does the same stuff.
Tag teams with sister #4 --she comes out for a week from San Jose, takes care of everything. Again, trips to the ER, LONG days with busy kids....running a home...
Then tag teams with oldest daughter who flew out on her 40th birthday, leaving her 3 kids home (with me) and again, does all the things. This sister bought her baby sister a gorgeous couch with a chaise on it so she could be downstairs with the kids and they could all sit together...and also a dining table set. Sold the old stuff and did whatever sick mama needed.

I didn't find out my daughter was pg until I realized that all the photos my son posted were noticeably W/O my dd. Called son and he wouldn't tell--but my SIL called me and told me dd didn't want me worrying and coming out and fussing her---as I may have to be there for a month or more when baby comes.

Seriously? SOMEBODY raised some awesome kids!! My son could have lost his job--(he's an attorney, and told his boss "I was looking for a job when I got this one, family comes first") and walked out. He had the worst "shift", but he adores his sister. Actually, my kids adore each other.

I have wept a thousand tears of joy over the unflagging unconditional love these 5 amazing people show each other. They all paid their own airfares, they all made huge sacrifices of time & energy for their sister. And she'd do the same for them.

And these are the 5 people who will make sure that when I am old and need help---I can rest assured, they will care for me. I hope they don't have to, but, wow, what a wonderful thing to see.

(Dd is so much better. I did the last 10 days there and she was really doing so much better, at 20 weeks. Her daughter asked whose turn it was to come now--and I said her mama was fine and she'd be OK and Y says "I think it should be Uncle B's turn again. He's the most fun. He's a true dr No shot :)

No point to this really, just feeling so proud of my amazing kids. Maybe I did 5 things right in this world. So much of my elder care is depressing and sad....this was a joy.

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I think my kids are amazing and I always wanted them to be each other's best friends--and that has come true in spades!!

Dd is feeling MUCH better and is at the 20 week mark, so we will find out what she's having. As long as it's healthy, we don't care, but her boy wants a brother and her girl wants a sister. Somebody is gonna be mad :)

On a funny/sad note: Dd's hubby hasn't even TOLD his family they're expecting. He said they wouldn't really care. He's been overwhelmed by the massive support.

Tears of joy!

Sounds like a great group of young men and women. Wishing her pregnancy resolves better. Tears in my eyes. We all visited my bro when he went in hospital with diverticulitis - when you love each other, you pull together. But short term weekly stints are manageable. And setting up support system? Priceless.

You did well with your kids!!

This was so touching; I almost began crying b/c your family is so supportive. That's such a credit to you as well as to them.

BTW, do you rent them out to caregivers? I could really use some help of the kind that your family provided to your sick daughter.

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