Sometime ago I discovered the fascination of web cams. It's occurred to me that these might provide entertainment or distraction for someone who's restless or has dementia, all the while staying inside, safe and warm.

This URL provides links to various sea/ocean and subsurface activity. I've been watching beluga whales for a while, admiring their grace, and their cute smiles.

Home page:


Waimea Bay in Hawaii:



(I can't open the sites in IE, so you'll have to paste into another browser. )

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In case you need a smile, the Top 10 Bear Cam moments of 2020!

This past summer and fall my dad and I loved watching’s Katmai National Park (Alaska) live cams and recorded material and live chats featuring local rangers and naturalists.

Watching the bears fish for salmon along the river at different points and just ambling about doing their thing was fascinating. It was also a great distraction from a lot of bad news.

Our calendar is marked to look at the cams again in late June when the cameras should be on again and the bears will be out of hibernation!

GA, my 98-yr old auntie with advanced dementia just loves watching funny animal videos on YouTube. She laughs her head off! We learned to not show her people bloopers as she was way too concerned with whether they got hurt or not. But the animals she loves and understands. She'll watch the same one over and over. So great to see her laugh so heartily. I think I'm going to watch the sea life ones myself! Thanks for the post!

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