At least that is a move in the right direction. She was very argumentative with us but got very quiet when they arrived and of course was very cooperative. We told them everything we knew so hopefully they will admit her otherwise not sure where that will leave us. Morning rant

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My mom was kinda the same way! Violent and abusive and a game player to us, but such a "sweet old lady" to everyone else!
After she'd been in the facility for a while, they got to see the real side of her as she tried to beat up another resident because he said something she didn't like! I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this!

If she lives with you, drop off her clothes, etc. and either one or the other fits---
1. She's a danger to herself and/or others.
2. You are unable to give her the care she needs.
I may be wrong and I am sorry if I am!

NOW contact Social Services in the hospital at once. Tell them she will likely need placement. Let them know it cannot be with you. Discharge planning needs to start today.

The discharge staff may put the screws to you to take her back -- don't. Tell them she is an "unsafe discharge". They will tell you stuff like they'll help you once she's back at home: nope. It won't be enough if it happens at all. Make sure any other family, friends and neighbors know to NOT go pick her up if she contacts them, as she will then be right back at the house.

While she is in the hospital have her evaluated there. Tell them you can't take her home until she is accessed. You cannot care for her the way she is. You want a Neurological eval. (My daughter says in the 2 states she has worked Hospitals are not obligated to do a "safe discharge") You also want a 24/7 evaluation. If she is in long enough for Rehab, send her. Medicare pays 100% the first 20 days. If Hospital won't evaluate Rehab should.

If your Aunt is deemed 24/7 care this is when you ask about placing her. If she can afford MC, straight there from the Hospital/Rehab. If she has no money, then LTC with Medicaid. My Mom was in her last stage of Dementia when she entered LTC. She had to be helped with everything but feeding herself. Otherwise she was healthy. Hopefully if sent to rehab, they have LTC in the same building. If so and she fits the criteria, she can transition to the LTC side.

Do not allow the NH to do the Medicaid Application. They can help but you be aware of what is going on. You may only have 90days to complete the process. In my State its 90 days to apply, spend down and get info needed. I dealt with a Medicaid caseworker. I really am bad about depending on others to do their jobs. I started the application in April. Placed Mom May 1st, she privately paid May and June. June I confirmed with the caseworker he had received everything needed and July Medicaid started.

Don’t matter if she acts as sweet as mother Teresa with her showtiming. She’s still an unsafe discharge and don’t allow the swelling to make u feel bad

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