my mother in law has vescular dementia and its just been a year.. i am finding it really hard to cope with what she does eg talking too much. repeating the same things over and over again, shes incontinent that means i get tired of keeping an eye out for wet nappys she does exactly what you would expect from a toddler im nackerd need the load off me she goes to the day centre three times a week but as soon as shes back its starts all over the way iv got two kids to tend to myself its hard very hard being a

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You found the right site. The advisors here are very understanding, and the users of this site are 'been there done that, and mom is peeing on the floor as we speak', sort of people.
I suggest you run some searches for questions in the box under your profile. They might not be current threads, but the hands on ''what worked for me'' advice is timeless.
I so feel your exhaustion and frustration, I have gained so much from this wonderful place to learn, and when you just need to vent or you think you will explode, this is the place. We all understand. We have all worn the letters off of our key pad do that very thing. Welcome. and I hope this will help you as much as it has helped me.

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