Mom has had the best 4 weeks we could have asked for. Awake, alert and eating, But, today she hasn’t been awake for more than a hour and dad’s in a horrible mood again. I pray her rallying isn’t over.☹️

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Your post made me smile. It really is wonderful that you are able to be with her and feel joy.

Some people can’t handle watching loved ones die and I can empathize with them also. It’s hard seeing family members decline.

My mom and dad were married for well over 50 years and I know if my mom had died first that my dad would have lost it! He adored my mom.

Dad was strong in many ways but it would have killed him to lose mom. His last words to me shortly before he died was for me to take care of mom.

I lost a brother years ago and he rallied before his death. The nurses were absolutely astonished that he hung on for so long. I personally believe that he waited until his daughter drove in from many miles away to spend his last days with him. My niece was like you, she cherished her last days with her dad.

Needhelpwithmom, 6 weeks ago I wasn’t living in the moment at all. Mom is in her end stage and hospice told us she had 2 days to 2 weeks to live. Then mom started getting better every week since then to our surprise and I just couldn’t understand it. I just couldn’t figure this disease out because she was so close to death. So, I googled, I searched and I asked questions for answers to explain it all. I finally realized that this disease is unexplainable and so finally I started taking it day by day. So yes, I guess I am living in the moment right now and enjoying every day I get with her and hoping her rallying will start again. Thank you so much for your sweet words! ❤️
P.S. Your right, dad isn’t taking it well at all.

Your post is so sweet and full of love. I’m happy that you are able to live in the moment.

Have you always been able to live in the moment? For many others this isn’t possible. It can take awhile to adjust to hard times in caregiving.

It’s beautiful to see the gratitude that you have over spending time with your mom. Perhaps your dad isn’t able to handle it as well as you seem to.

You are an inspiration. Take care.


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