As of today I've been directly involved in my MIL's day to day care for six full years. It feels more like twelve. Reflecting back though, I've reached the conclusion that it's all about perspective.
When I started on this journey everything about MIL's care seemed so daunting. But it's all relative, ain't it? Stuff we never pictured ourselves doing back when it all started eventually becomes the new normal. As the months and then years go by we grow a little wiser and learn to take each day as it comes, and brace ourselves for change because we know it's inevitable....that it's lying "out there" just out of sight, waiting - the NEXT big challenge. For me right now that's coping with delusions and all the Lewy Body ups and downs - which seem to be occurring more and more often - and the agitation that follows. I might.....MIGHT even take a Depend full of diarrhea over this. Just ONE though. Maybe.

Poop in the commode though? A little vomit on the floor? Invisible dogs?
Puff! Cake walk!

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Caregivers need caregivers, right? Luckily my grandmother doesn’t wear the denture, she doesn’t like them! Which that leads us to blending food for her, and as sign of thanks, she will lick the dish after she finish licking her fingers, I guess that’s her way of helping us washing the dishes, how nice!

Oh Boni, been there with the denture thing. MIL would wrap hers up in tissues right after taking them out and I'd have to rinse them to get all the stuck on bits of tissue off, THEN wash off the rest of the grossness. Ew! Thankfully she doesn't wear them any more because they tend to interfere with her swallowing reflex and make her gag.
Which reminds me of another hurdle I've yet to overcome. I have this inexplicable aversion to her feet, and I'm not sure I'll EVER be able to get past it.
Thanks for the (snort) "anniversary" wishes.....keep on keepin' on's all we can do right? Sending the love right back at ya!

It's 2 1/2 years for me. I've gotten past the poop and pee messes. I'm dealing better with the tissue issue. I'm Not over the not rinsing the bathroom sink after washing her dentures thing.....SOOOO GROSS!
I've gotten more patient than I ever thought I could be. I've stopped rolling my eyes when I listen to her showtime on the phone with the ugly sisters. I've learned to prioritize better, and let some things go, due to lack of time and exhaustion.
I know, and am preparing myself for the time when she is totally blind and 100% in the wheel chair. I know it's going to get harder, and I accept that and am also pacing myself for the marathon.
Finding AC has been the biggest boon to my journey. Thanks to all you wise people who are on year 4,5 6, or more. What I learn from you is invaluable. You are my heroes.
Happy anniversary (snicker) and much love to you YaYa!

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