Michelle lives 10 minutes away and the other lives one hour away. Neither of them help. The neighbors one of who is a lawyer lives directly across the street and watches everything I do and everything my mom's caregiver does. She also has used binoculars. APS has been called by either the neighbors or Michelle and nothing every comes of it except the stress I, the caregiver and my mom get. I am also responsible to help out my mom;s sister who lives a block and half away. Michelle is always looking for a way to cause trouble and find fault with me. I bet she is on speed dial with the neighbors. Michelle has also told my mom;s caregiver to quit and have me leave my job, retire and stay home with mom. Yet Michelle does nothing but come up with excuses on why she won't give me respite, why her 10yr old daughter doesn't come to see grandma, etc. two of the neighbors smoke pot and have kids so who are they to watch out for my mom? Michelle is a drama queen so I hardly ever ask her to do anything because she makes it a bigger issue than is necessary. Just need to sound off since this crap has been happening for quite awhile.

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