am having a problem with sisters "teaming up" and picking on certain people - especially me. From the begining of mom being sick (21/2) years ago, I have been very organized and typed up all her dr info just to be one step ahead (note: I do not use "I" when speaking with family, always "we") It has been one thing after the other- stating, "I am not a doctor" and just being mean - facial expressions .. etc. Trying to do my best for mom and keep the family informed and together, but it is getting to be too much for me. Finding comments very hurtful. Too much has happened to get into it too much, so this is just the latest.

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bohmsathome, Sounds like you have some pretty immature siblings. Forget them, you are doing the right thing trying to keep them in the loop. Keep it up, but you need a thicker skin. You're doing this for your mother not yourself, so keep your eye on the prize so to speak, and turn a deaf ear. Tell them if they can't say anything nice, to NOT say anything at all.

Well... you are in good company here. So many of us have had problems with siblings, and other family members, and the best advise I can give you is to outline with her DOCTOR what should be done, and then see if you can get MEDICAL Power Of Attorney, so you WILL be able to help your mother.

You don't have to be a 'doctor' to do research, find reputable sources for information and then apply that knowledge to help your mom.

It sounds like YOU are the primary caregiver, and you can use some help. Talk to your local AGENCY for the aging, and see what help is available for you.

If your father (whom I am assuming has passed) was a veteran there is a chance that your mother will qualify for AID AND ATTENDANCE in her/your home. The webstite will help you determine if she is eligible.

I was the 'helpful' one in our family, the one doing most of the research and the one that was expected to keep Mom at my house because I work from home. I was honoured to help her, but even "I" needed a break, we ALL do.

I don't mean to pry, but sometimes letting out what is bothering you in a 'neutral environment' such as this will help you. Try NOT to let them get to you. Do what you feel is best for Mom, don't try to 'impress' them with what you know, and who cares what they think? If they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem. There were times I just stopped TRYING to convince my brothers and sister what was best for Mom and just did what "I" could do.

I will be here (as well as many others) to 'listen. God Bless.

Can you add more information? Are your family members jealous of the attention you pay to your mother? Not sure what information you are looking for. Please add more information so we can help.

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