My ex sister is stealing from her father. Her mom un-expectidly died and her will was in process of being change to grandchildren.


Now the children steal all his money having him sign check for cash and he doesn't know what he is signing. His grandchildren try ur the daughter abuse him physical and mentally. Plus she is dying of cirrussofliver and hep c, bad drug user. This family needs help asap.

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The daughter the father has dementia badly ,she already had buy her a motorcycle 2007 . Her child have try to get to see their grandfather she calls the cops ,plus now she has this man with her she meant online sucking up the money to, she took airplane back to mass .and been rent a car 2013mustang she has been back here for month now ,she left back in her town down south somewhere .i had contact elderly service here before when her mother was alive in hospital .and she was trying then to steal from both of them I,its just sad know one will help us

Too many pronouns. Can't keep track of who he and her are, if this is your ex sister isn't her father the same as your father?

I'm confused. Who is dying of cirrhosis? The father?