My sister is trying to push me out of caregiving for my Mom.


My Mother has been paying me $1000.00 a month plus rooma nd board for my husband and daughter. My sister sued for conservatorship (my Momsign the agreement do to no money). Now my sister wants a new agreement that I recieve 2 days ago. and will not pay me the original $500.00 for my pay on the first. I was told that the first agreement would be still in force until the new one was signed. What can I do to get my full amount due to me on the first, (today)?I promised my Mom I would care for her at her home for as long as I can. I hold POA for health. I think my sister wants me out, but in my heart I feel like I would be letting her down. I have been living with her for 2 1/2 years and she is healthier and happier than the last 4 years with live in caregivers. I have no money for an attorney. I don't know how to handle it.

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In some states if there is a caregiver who comes to or lives at the residence and is paid privately it is required that the ones paying take out the taxes. If your mom eventualy has to go into a nursing home or the like and her money runs out they will check the last five years to see where the money went. Then the penalties will come down on the taxes not being taken out. It depends on the state as to the taxes. If they find wrong doing in the reason the money was gone they can withold Medicade for two years. CONSULT AN ATTORNEY AND A TAX CONSULTANT.

Dont sign anything look into pro bono lawyers not sure if you mentioned where you are from easier to get in larger cities and who pays for your mothers needs and wants? Does your sister control all of your mothers money ? Just wondering Does she even have a relationship withe her mom? Story sounds like mine but we just get 2 sums and have to purchase all mil needs with that money which is fine so far she hasnt ran over but she says will you get me this Ill pay you tommrow.. every time lol Keep us Updated....

Please consult a lawyer.

Thank you. The $500.00 was paid to me on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Now she wants to take out taxes and my daughter is to find other living arrangements (she's just 18) My sister says she ONLY pay me $200.00 until a agreement is signed.

Let me summarize how I understand this. Correct me if I'm wrong, so other people with answers will have a clear picture.

Your sister has conservatorship for your mother.
You have a personal care agreement (written?) which pays you $1000 per month plus room and board for your family, in exchange for full caregiving duties.
Your sister, in charge of all finances, intends to draw up a new agreement that will pay you less.

Is that all correct?

(Where did the $500 figure come from? Is that what Sister wants to pay you?)

If you don't agree to the new terms, you do not have to sign the new agreement.

Your sister can try to find the caregiving for less money. Good luck on that, Sister!

If the old agreement is still in force, SIster has to honor its terms and pay you according to it.

You say that you cannot afford an attorney. but I think this is a case of not being able to afford to be without an attorney.

See what happens when you tell your sister, "no, I'm not signing the new contract. I will not do all this work for any less than what I agreed to." If she insists and won't pay you, you'd better have a lawyer.

Good luck!

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