Well my sister lives only one hour from my Mom and Step-Dad's house she has promise to do some premade meals and baking but never did. I have been here for one year taking care of them both I was only supposed to stay for the winter but my Mom begged me to stay longer I once ask my sister if she could come help because my back was sore she blew up and said our Step- Dad's family can do the helping now I am suffering from care burnout but could never tell her this because she will say oh well put Mom in a home etc Last year she was fostering a child but now the child was adopted out she never asks how I am doing rarely answer's my text's I send her update text's about my Mom now last night she sent me a text picture of her and a little boy saying look at our new addition to the family and I was so hurt I know she is only doing it for the extra income some of you might disagree but I know my sister it is all about money and on top of it all she is in denial of her drinking? I could not sleep all night because I was so mad and hurt I want to tell her how I feel but my partner said what for she will just twist it and say well it was your choice to look after Mom etc it is bad enough I am dealing with my manipulative Mother and Stepfather but now this how should I deal with this any advice yes I am getting support caregiver counseling and in the procedure of having a caregiver come in to take care of my Mom and Step Father any advice?

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Take a deep breath! In and out. If your sister hasn't helped in a year, the only thing that is in YOUR power is to not expect her to help. Huge disappointment? Yes! But you are adding to your worries when you have unmet expectations from a nonsupportive sibling.

So, let's move on. How can this community help you? Do you need ideas on outside sources of help? Other ideas? Give us more info to get the best help. Are there members of your step- dad's family that may help? Does your Mom have financial resources that can be used to provide services? Can you get some respite help for a few days and go away and clear your head?

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