All my evil x-sister (X) because she is disowned by both myself and brother. She knew exactly what lawyer to go to that would help her with her evil plot. The lawyer had my x-sister isolate only one of my moms money market accounts and only reported that one to Medicaid. The lawyer deliberately didn't report a large sum of $125,000 to Medicaid. This deliberately made my mom appear poor in the eyes of Medicaid. Once forced and thrown in the nursing home, additional abuse started with the open denial of medications such as antibiotics for swollen ankles, prescription eye drops for an eye infection and x-rays to see what was going on in moms chest. In this Parks nursing home, Orange County Florida NOTHING raised a red flag. I wrote a thirteen page letter to the head director, Brian and he called me to discuss my letter but he didn't act on it and watch out for mom as he promised while I was trying desparately with no luck to get the power of attorney status away from the sinister x-sister. We need to get that power of attoney issue revisited. Too many people are using that to go on vicious crime sprees against the elderly. We live in a different world. All my sinister x-sister cared about was scavenging moms money to buy up over a miilion dollars worth of properties for her and her equally evil x-husband. The properties are now worth only half that value. I never did get the money my mom wanted me to have and I had to withness all this abuse on my poor unsuspecting mom. The worse news about this story is in the nursing home that mom didn't want to go too the medical staff admitted that they gave mom the wrong medication to where my mom couln't keep her head up for more than five minutes. It's disgusting how the whole senior care system works for seniors in Florida. My evil x-sister got away with so much. Thank God for sites like this that we can at least discuss these terrible situations. I plan to put this story in a book I was already writing. I'm so disgusted with that lawyer who calls herself an 'elder lawyer' If she truly cared about the elderly than when my evil x-sister was in her her office asking how she could get moms house valued at $200,000 and paid for in her name alone as told to me by her paralegal. She would've stopped her attorney / client relationship and called in authorities but she liked too much the easy $4,000 she was getting to peddle paperwork. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I have this in the Bar Association. Let's see what they say??? I also have this in other agencies as well that will all be mentioned in my book. Thank God for myself that I don't have children that can someday do this to me.

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This is one of many discussions I've been interested in joining; however, there are no dates on the posts and no way of knowing how old (or recent) they are. This appears to be one of the most disorganized forums I've ever been on. I see no way of helping or being helped as I have no idea how to navigate here....grrrrr

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