Simple movements along with questions like day of weeks. Maybe some simple movements like walking to the front door.
Help with laundry - writing her name, address and phone number.
Reading a daily devotional to her......

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BabySister61 So nice of you to see that your Mom needs a bit of mental and physical stimulation. At my Mom's facility the activities group is the nicest part of my Mom's day. They sing, exercise, play games, do trivia questions. They pop a balloon around or a beach ball, fold laundry, play bingo, have taco making day all sorts of things just to create an activity setting even if it's keeping a person aware and upright, for a fleeting moment. Enjoy!!!

Go for it!

Be careful not to sound like you are "testing" her with your questions and back off if she seems frustrated. If she is cognitively fine, asking her the days of the week will be insulting. If she is having memory problems and she doesn't know the days of the week it might be painful to be reminded. Just watch her reactions closely and make adjustments accordingly.

If there is any question about what kinds of movements are good for her, discuss it with her doctor or ask for an evaluation by a physical therapist before you begin.

It is so nice that you want to promote your mother's well-being and are willing to spend some time on it.

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