Both of my parents live with me in my home. I have an attached one bedroom apartment, the east wing. That is their home. In Texas after you call 211 to get someone on the list for Medicaid, it can take up to a year. His name has come back to the top of the list twice now. Everytime I say no he needs no assistance his name goes back to the bottom of list a the nesxt available person is contacted. Well his name came up again and I now find I need help that only Medicaid can help with. My Dad has COPD, cannot maintain weight and memorey is a struggle. My parents only have their SS. No savings, retirement, etc. What I do not understand is that if I accept medicaid supplements upon his death is my mother or myself required to reimburse the State back for cost of services? I own my home free and clear. I have had to take a leave for the last three years getting them settled in and modifications done to apartment to facilitate their needs. I will be the first to admit I was naive in thinking there would be no real changes.............WRONG. I do not regret my decision. It is what family does but I also and I do not want to sound selfish do not want to loose my home. Should I fear this? My folks only own a 1997 truck. They live with me and I do not charge rent. They are responsible for their utilities only. They are not on my deed or anything I own. Can anyone inlightnen me with the process up death after you are on medicaid. Are my fears correct or have I heard a lot of mis information. Thank you, Lisa

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To state it simply, Medicaid can only obtain reimbursement from the assets of the person who is on Medicaid. Your assets are just that, yours. They are not subject to state reimbursement.

My parents lived in a house on our property. My dad is now on Medicaid and the house has no bearing on the matter because it has always belonged to us, not my parents.

Hope this eases your mind. Cattails

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