One of my siblings is a hard time after three years of no help!

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Mom ended up in Emergency staying in hospital Doctor suggested NH .Really stressed out my sibling is not respecting me when I have an appointment with my stepdad and Social worker she was not ask or phoned to come to the appointment anyways long story short she told me she was going to the appointment no matter what I ask her to please respect me the appointment was set up for just for my stepdad and I since I was the soul Caregiver for the past three years she start yelling at me and freaking out calling me every name and blaming me for past issues of her own doing! My Mom is in the hospital and I am going there three times a day just to encourage her to eat so she doesn't end up on feeding tube. My sister came up for three minutes to visit my Mom in the hospital and said I can't handle it. I have asked her for help in the past and she freak out and said get our step dads daughter, this is when my back was out. I am so stressed it's not funny, please if any one on here has the time to read past post to understand a little more of my situation please give me some advice.

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