Yep, cancels them right after I get the appt times all figured out and the dates. Says that she is the 'same' and that they don't do anything for her anyway.
Also, she doesn't want to go into drs office because of the covid 19.
So, when I go over to visit she says she wants me to take her to go look for new bed mattress/box spring. Just no.
Also, when she starts to belly ache and complain about how bad she feels-I remind her she was the one who canceled dr. appts.
She has also stopped taking one of her meds. A weekly generic fosamax.
This must be a control thing, right? But is it hers or mine?
Help me to understand.

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Well I have to admit we cancelled all moms, rescheduled them. They start back up next week with the dentist, then the cardiologist in July. Her family Dr will see her when her prolia comes in. At the point we cancelled, they were just "normal" visits,, and when I had to go they did not even weigh me or take my BP,, which is what they do for her,, so what was the point to drag her out? They will refill our scripts over the phone. Her eye specialist will call us when they are back to normal hours.

RBuser, my brothers were shocked when it was mentioned that mom was eligible for hospice.

You might be as well. If mom is resistant to going to doctors, that's exactly when I would ask for hospice to evaluate.

My moms resistence to going out turned out to be connected to fecal incontinence. whole other issue. worth looking into.

This isn't a hospice situation.
She is able to go and do for herself. Most things. I do her bills and take her groceries. She pays me for doing those things. Don't want her in the stores anyway. She isn't crazy about me going in them either, true story but we get by and maybe she appreciated me more than I give her credit :)
It is just the appt cxling that is perplexing. especially heart dr,
Her PC dr appt let her schedule out to August.
I am going to try to work with what I've got.
thank you for the reply Barb. take care.

Call a hospice organization to come and do an evaluation.
BAck off and make one phone call a week to chat. Don't offer to do anything; if she asks you, say "no mom, I can't do that".

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