Everything is a secret, and I am finding out the truth. When others come to see her she is wide awake but it’s like she puts on an act. I am at the wound clinic now and that’s exactly what she is doing. She did refinance the farm and got 50,000 but she owes my brother 30,000 so there it is 20,000 and she will blow it. She said it’s for the septic system and the bathroom. By 10 this morning I was shaking like a leaf. She set it up to get a cashiers check to pay my brother but she was making it out to the bank and I called her to have her have them make it out to my brother. She got mad at me saying everyone knows her business and she hung up on me. It’s funny now she is acting like she is sleeping but she hears everything I am saying to the doctor then she is talking about she couldn’t wait any longer until I got back from my trip to the Bahamas, so she finally went to the hospital trying to passively aggressively make me feel guilty, guess what I don’t. But I know she is playing games.

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