Let go of any troubles and controls that you may have...

Watch them fly away

in the wind.

Let the powerful breeze

take your worries

and stress away.

Wave goodbye to them

if you like, and remember

that where ever you are,

know that it is a safe place

for you now.

A home. A harbor.


You are protected.

Your mind is light and cloud free.

~*~ Jhen M. Veach ~*~

I got this from a fb page I like. It's meant to be encouraging. I hope it touches you all the way it does me.

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Happy New Year 2020!

AlvaDeer, I just did a copy and paste. And it was just something that caught my eye. I wish I had the knack for writing poems. I am just starting to be able to read again, well let me put it another way. I'm reading again. For a while there I couldn't settle my thoughts enough to enjoy it. But that's a different thread.
Now if I could just find a job proofreading.
Captain-ha-love it!

Any I know are too long to type in.
Captain, you give me the giggles every time. A good poem, a giggle, either makes me happy.
Thanks RBuser

there was an old man from nantucket ,

eh , whats the use ? the moderators monitor my typing in real time . they can knock me in the head before i even say anything .

Nice poem. Thanks.

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