We are using a cell treatment called Vielight which seems to be quiete beneficial, along with Sorequel and quitipine. We find regular exercise to be essential. joe

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Do you mean quetiapine? That is the generic name of Seroquel. (They are not two separate drugs.) Does your wife take a drug besides Seroquel?

My husband had excellent results for symptom management (agitation and inability to sleep through the night) with Seroquel. I know other LBD patients for whom it was not helpful. If it helps your wife, celebrate!

Vielight sounds interesting. How did you find out about it?

I agree that exercise is essential. We did water exercises while my husband was able to participate in that. It was in a warm pool at a rehab facility. For a while he exercised with a senior group. Then he followed a video at home. His neurologist highly encouraged exercise at any level possible. Exercise is also good for depression. But if the LBD patient is depressed it may be harder to get motivated to exercise, so treating with an antidepressant first may be useful.

Our neurologist also encouraged "novelty experiences" -- doing things my husband hadn't done before. For us, this often involved travel to new places. We saw the Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park, rode Amtrak and used a sleeper car, made several trips within our state and to nearby states, and took a couple of cruises. Other than your wife's dementia, I don't know what your health situation is, but I hope you are able to do some interesting and stimulating activities.

Only $499 to insert a laser in my nose? Are you kidding? Only .0010 watts and it might burn my sinuses? Cause headaches, fatigue, dry throat? Why would I want to do this?

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