Found ants in her bedroom today......she has been hiding food in her drawers?? We have told her repeatedly NO food in bedrooms. Any suggestions would be appreciated. K

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Thank you so much for your comments. I do change her bedding weekly and clean her room weekly.....however, I have not opened her drawers until today when I saw the ants. I now see that I need to check more closely....I have had such a hard time with trying not to over step.....I have never wanted her to feel like I was invading her privacy. When I asked her about the food being in her room she truly didn't know what I was talking about. I realize this is part of the disease....... she has been with us now going on two years. My husband and I are her sole caregivers and we both attend weekly caregiver meetings...without these support groups not sure how we would do it?? I was just so taken back earlier today.....since I have had time to think about it I realize this really is a minor thing compared to what it could have been. I think we got all the ants and from here out we will definitely keep a closer eye on things. Thank you again! K

Unfortunately, telling her repeatedly isn't going to help. With dementia she'll forget, even if her intentions are good when she hears you.

You must take responsibility for keeping food out of her room. Check frequently. Vacuum/sweep/dust often. Check pockets and drawers.

This can be very frustrating, especially if she seems to understand and agree to the no-food-in-bedroom rule. It is not about good intentions. It is about forgetting and also about losing inhibitions and no longer being clear about consequences. At some level she may know that food attracts bugs, but the momentary pleasure of having food with her blocks everything else out.

Try to accept this as the nature of her disease. You'll have to help protect her from herself. She can't help it at this point.

Taking care of someone with dementia is a huge job with many frustrations. Bless you for taking on this role! It can really help to join a caregivers support group.

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