Has anyone used lorazepam for their dementia driven loved ones. I don't like using drugs but she is going to fall out of her bed at the rate she is going. And this goes on all night long. Up every hour??? I am so exhausted and I just know there will be a point in my exhaustion where I don't hear her and I crash. Help? If I give her just one 5mg tablet she still tries getting up. 2 tablets scare me...and the nurse said I can give up to 4 (5mg) tablets.

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Mzdaisy, I agree w Jeanne: no point to give at non therapeutic dose. Another option to try is to move dosing earlier in the evening to see if that improves efficacy. A little daytime exercise helps w sleep too, as well as regular awake and bedtime. In bad weather we play seated balloon volley ball which provides more exercise than you might imagine. Are you using a baby monitor to improve your chance of hearing you mom?

msdaizy, if you are going to give it to her at all, give it at a dose that actually is effective. Giving too little doesn't make sense. It does make sense to start at the lowest level but then increase it gradually until it is effective or you reach the maximum (in this case, 4 tablets). If it still isn't effective then discuss with the doctor the possibility of a different drug.

I definitely would not have been able to take care of my husband at home without a drug that effectively allowed him (and me!) to sleep through the night. With a good drug at an effective dose I've been able to care for him throughout the entire course of his dementia, 9+ years. He is now on hospice care and still taking that same drug.

I'm not sure why you don't like using drugs, but the right drug at the right dose can be a godsend in managing the symptoms of dementia.

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