I had a wonderful experience with seniorlifeebensburg yesterday. Mom and I went in, saw 6 different specialists and were out by 3:00. Just those 6 different specialists getting appt.'s would have been hard to coordinate and having them all in one place and set so that when you are finished with one the next Doctor, therapist, PA. comes in and it moves right along. They even fed her lunch in between. Amazing.
At one point I looked at Mom and I could see what she was thinking. "Im not leaving here or going home again" I told her "Mom have I ever lied to you? We will be going home when we are done" She didnt believe me and continued to be confused and scared.
That was when the Director who must have been listening in the hall came in and said "Kay this isnt Hotel 6 and we dont keep the lights on for you here. If you are staying here you are going to get awfully lonely sitting here in the dark. We all go home at night but you can stay if you want to" Mom was really relieved and back to her old self.
Anyone desiring to keep their parent outside nursing care should call their dept. of aging and see if these programs are offered in their state. I couldnt recommend this more mi amiga's.

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