Senior care center attempting to scam me, any advice?


General gist ~ Currently a caregiver for my 96 year old grandmom. We live in PA but I work in southern Jersey during the week. It was great in the beginning but as time went on, I saw the facilities true colors - their billing. Despite paying the entire bill each month the balance would increase. I was given all kinds of excuses (their favorite being that it takes awhile for the monies to be applied). The senior care facility claimed that it was the home office (at first), then said they would waive extended hour fees (was told private pay is $77 a day, nothing was mentioned about extended hour fees)...told social workers do the billing (yet they couldn’t/wouldn’t help with the outrageous charges). Last straw being that they sent me a spread sheet with grandmom’s account information — for starters, her name is spelled wrong; unknown acct number/facility in different state than the one she used to attend; and the icing on the cake - they have the client name listed as “Norman”, along with her real account number. Tried to get an answer from the senior center several times but they won’t respond. I want to pay for the days that she was legitimately there... it’s only right to pay for the time she was there. Since she attended two facilities ~ I’ve got double the issues. I’ve tried so hard to make things right but getting jerked around at every opportunity by them. I need help to sort through this mess ~ can’t afford to retain a lawyer (but I’m willing to set up a payment plan). Feeling depressed, frustrated - looking for help and advice.

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So, how r things going. I love proving the other person wrong. I worked accounts receivable/collections and research was my thing. Proved my Dr. billing office wrong. It was only $10 but she pissed me off with her attitude. Got BC/BS to back me. Turns out she was stealing from the Dr.

A quick search for the ‘the brighter side of caring’ reveals quite a bit. Found some interesting complaints on

Been emailing lawyers (as well as mediators) ~ no one has answered me. I did retain a lawyer in 2017 (uncle’s gf called APS making false claims) because I feared for my life as well as my grandmom’s wellbeing. Luckily once the gf got wind of the fact I have representation - the harassment stopped (though I do get threats from step siblings from time time - ignoring their drama but saving the emails for the future). I don’t know if the lawyer I got last year deals with breach of contract, etc — can’t hurt to try, got nothing to lose by asking. Sent an email earlier, waiting for a response.

I don’t have exact dates of everything that went down ~ because I had no clue things would get this out of control. Only have time frames. Given up calling because it can turn into a he said/she said issue; at least with an email - it shows date and time sent and it can’t be disputed.
I do have other issues with facilities that I can let slide ~ but this financial crap... no.

Coworkers have told me to ‘play it up’ ~ ex: I’m migraine prone...but say that my migraines have gotten worse (witch is true) since this started.

These idiots (monkeys; baboons; twits; etc) have bought out the worst in more ways than one. All my buttons have been pushed.

Once this hell is over, I think I’ll take some courses in meditation, etc - so if and when I have to deal with something similar, will be better prepared so I’m not physically ill.

@wally ~ don’t worry about it. I appreciate the input.

Believe it or not some business' ARE this screwed up! You can file a complaint with the better business bureau. OR you could report the issue to the ombudsman --- name/phone on display in every facility. But first, write a detailed letter clearly explaining the issue. Send a copy to the billing office, CEO/Head of organization, finance director, etc. Tell them no further payments will be made until they investigate and resolve the situation. Keep us posted.

She does have two separate account numbers ~ figured I’d work on the one with the lesser amount of days attended. Sadly the billing issues have been going on since 11/2017.

it almost sounds like they have two accounts mixed in together

"her name is spelled wrong; unknown acct number/facility in different state than the one she used to attend; and the icing on the cake - they have the client name listed as “Norman”, "

I think joann gives good advice. figure out what you think you owe.

make sure you always get the name of the person you speak with.
keep calling until you get the answers you need.
I know its really frustrating, but try to have some faith. there's got to be someone who's running the billing that will care and will be truthful.

I know its easy to feel ignored and think people are trying to gouge you. so you are smart to notice the errors. just keep track of grandmas hours and the trail of events. don't give up.

I know I was recently upset at AL pharmacy charges for my mom. I asked about, but it took almost 2 weeks before I got an answer. within those two weeks I was getting angry and making up stuff in my head. I felt they were purposely avoiding me :(
but the other day, I heard it got taken care of. so I got upset for nothing. (not saying you shouldn't be upset.) sorry for rambling

I didn’t sign a contract. The days grandmom was at the senior center was dependent upon my work schedule. I can’t get an answer out of them. Not proud of it but I lost my temper because of their antics (likely part of why they are dragging their feet). I have proof of all conversations with the director of the center via Facebook (and as an added precaution, took screen shots of it).

Do you have a contract with these people? Does it say daily cost? Is Mom there past hours. This is what I would do. Figure what you owe. Show by week. M thru Friday @$77 an hour = $385
Xs 4 weeks = 1540

Write a letter informing them an error seems to have been made to Moms acct. Her correct name is ? With acct ?. Facilities ? That the spreadsheets sent are incorrect showing the wrong name on her account and facility and her name on the wrong acct no. Your are enclosing what you feel is the correct amount of money owed and show your calculations and show 0 for extended hours if there weren't any or the hours you feel she went over.
Explain that you think an error has been made between these two accounts and you would appreciate them reviewing the two accounts because you feel they are overcharging Mom. In the meantime, you are enclosing the amount you feel is owed. If they have any questions, feel free to call you @ ?. Somehow accounts have been mixed up and its up to them to straighten it out.