Senior anger and unrealistic demands.

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It's very common I work in an assisted living and see it all the time. Now my Dad is in a nursing home I see it in him. He was always the most patient person now he has fits of anger and mskes demands. I just try to be understanding that he has given up his freedom and does it for attention.

Think of it this way, your Mom has lost a lot of her independence, so of course she won't be a happy camper... I don't think any of us would be. In order for her to vent, she will vent to the closest relative, and that would be you. Is it fair? Of course not.

Set boundaries, visit your Mom once or twice a week and that is it. Best thing is not to show up at the same time on those days, because your Mom will waiting for you instead of partaking in whatever the nursing home is offering at that time. Many a times I had read on this forum where a grown child does a surprise visit and finds Mom enjoying herself with other residents :)

It is easy to become resentful. I know I am because at my age my parents were enjoying their retirement, and never needed to care for their own parents. I am still waiting to retire, hope I won't be too old to enjoy it :P

How do you deal with an emotionally demanding mom who suffered from a stroke and expects her daughter to drop her whole life to cater to her? It has left me drained and having to lessen my visits in seeing her. She receives visitors just about everyday as she was a people person before this happened, but it doesn't matter. If I don't come, it doesn't matter if my life is chaotic or if my life is turned upside down from illness, money troubles or any pressing concerns, it's ALL ABOUT HER! I love her, but have become resentful.