Here I am, feeling so down about not having much of life outside work and caring for my mom, and then I begin reading the posts here on this forum and realize just how fortunate I really am and how things could be so much worse. Yes, they can also be better, I know, but reading all of your questions and stories just made me want to reach out and give a huge group hug to each and every one of you.

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That's the way I feel now how things could be so much worse. I thank God everyday. That my mom see's the light. Not death but the nice/wise light. Hugs to all.

Hi Sheila, thank you. But, I still liked that you came on and vented. I answered your previous questio and felt so bad for you. Yes, I, too, when I compare myself with the others here, I feel bad too. But, you know what? When I'm on here and venting, my problems are sooo real and so overwhelming. I come here to vent and have others give me encouragements and tips to help ease my situation. If you click on my name you will see what I had to deal with. I went thru so much and I'm finally seeing the end of the dark tunnel and the beginning of light.

I still think your situation is worse than mine. But, I wanted to thank you for the huge group hug. I will send one personal one to you. =)

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