So the time has come to sell the house and well I am really sad. My parents lived there more then 40 years. My dad has passed 20 years ago and now mom is in a NH. I live in a different state so I cant keep tabs like I would. The garage has been
broke into numerous times and I know who has done it and called the police. My problem is letting go. I have so many memories there and U feel like I have nothing left, I have cried more then ever. My husband does not understand and well this whole this is well pissing him off, he said sell be done with it, I know memories are in the heart and all but its hard to let go knowing someone else will live there . anyone else have this issue

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We are going through the same process in my family. Each sibling has different emotions and it can be very difficult. I tend to be the practical one, this is just part of the business of life. I don't attach my feelings for my parents to a building or things that they owned. Memories will always be with me....the rest is just "stuff".

I love the idea of another family living there. You can't lock it up as a museum or face a complete loss of your parents' investment by fire or vandalism. My Father would have a fit if he thought we were just going to let all that rot into the ground and not get something out of his years of hard work.

Nothing is going to bring our parents back and I feel it is very disrespectful to not move forward with our own lives. Best wishes.

Missmel, this must be so sad for you. You are grieving the passing of your youth as well as your mom's current decline. I am in the process of clearing out my parent's many memories. But my mom, who is 91 and in a nh put it best. "The house is an asset". I remember when I got divorced and sold my house to a young couple with a new baby. It helped to see them so happy and excited. If you are having such overwhelming feelingsof sadness about this issue, iit's possible that some sessions with a therapist might help. Hugs!

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