I found her a new house. They will not stop harassing her...So, every time we turn around, we are getting nasty letters from the HOA, etc,. It is the "HOA Syndrome" kinda like PTSD from what I have read online. Horrible that even though she IS narcisitic, she is treated like this. Yes, she drives me bat-s*** crazy sometimes but she is still my mom. NOT feeble minded or disabled in ANY way. She is on a trip to Central America right now. She had been saving forever TO go on this trip. I could not deal with watching how the "Patio Police" have been treating her and it all started when the HOA sect'y broke into her house...that woman hadn't spoken to us in TWO years and she had a key that mom gave her 20 years ago for emergency welfare checks ONLY. So, an attorney said that it IS a "grey area". How often she has been snooping we don't know. She could have left a note on our door but didn't for whatever reason. She didn't see our cars outside, but there was NOTHING in our daily routine that should have caused any worry on anyones part. Mom leaves to go to the gym at 9 am, and my car was parked where it was not visible, and I was in the back bedroom on the computer when I heard a key IN the lock...I thought it was mom, but it wasn't "her sound". I heard 'her' walking around the front room, and I yelled "WHO IS IT!!?" very loudly.. She announced her name and I then said WHAT do U want? She said ""The door was open"....(we NEVER leave our door open EVER)! She then said she missed us...(I thought gee, that is why she hasn't spoken to us in TWO years)?? Keep in mind this is a condo bldg. with 12 units and she lives right across the hall. Ugggh. She was revoted in as HOA sect'y about 2 years ago, but we did NOT vote for her. She has some sort of power trip and desperate need FOR control, and her whole life is work, home, and GOSSIP.While she acted like she was our friend, she started taking photos of my car even IF I only parked in visitor parking for FIVE minutes, and then their main office somehow said that had NO registration on MY car, when in fact they did.So, my car almost got towed. At this point I banged on HER door and demanded to know WHY she was targeting US, and WHY is she not going after every other "violator" out there. SHe said "Cause I don't want to!" I went off on her, and told her that the so called friendship of 25 years is OVER!" I then (after I calmed down) a few hours later, wrote her a parting friendship letter and NOTHING was threatening at all, no name calling, but I told her that she was so toxic and consumed by a need for greed and power and HOW many friends did she have? Cause she stabs ALL of them in the back with her gossip, etc, and how I was always giving up MY time including taking care of a very ill horse to help her wither car when it broke down in the middle of the night. Also, how when she got hurt, I made meals for her and I later found out that she was tossing them in the trash, nothing I ever did she appreciated, and she was going to live a very lonely and bitter life, cause in the end, NONE of these "material" things are going to matter, but she is so blided by toxicity in HER life that she cant see all of the people she has hurt and that is why she has no friends. She has sent my mom into several stress induced asthma attacks, and I cannot allow that to continue, you were NEVER our friend, and you constantly lied to our faces. She got mad at a lady who bought her...(contd)..

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