I'm going to unsubscribe. I can't deal with trying to find answers to questions that don't have any. I have found understanding but that really doesn't make my situation better. I know I will have to deal with this person that used to be my mother at one point but, with NO support from any of her other children, (my siblings), dealing with her has become unbearable.
I just limit myself with feeding her, there is no joy in that, she can enjoy anything.
My husband is sick and tired of this situation, it has changed our lives dramatically. I'm sick and tired too, I see absolutely no purpose in keeping this subscription, there is no solution to any of this.
I thank the people who have offered advise and sympathy.
I hope this is over soon.

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So sorry to see you leave :( Many here were trying to do their best to help you out by giving you suggestions. Caregiving is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, sometimes all the pieces will fit, sometimes not.

Also, have you looked under the blue bar at the top of the page? Such as clicking on SENIOR LIVING, you will see a drop-down menu which has a store house of excellent articles that I have found very helpful. I admit I dug in my heels at time, but the writers here and on the formums eventually gave me those light bulb moments... and the ideas did work.

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