I am actually doing alot better and am able to remember some landmarks, but those are few and far between! I am also worried that wrapping up moms medicaid eligibility is going to be tough............her pocketbook is her security blanket, and the State of Florida only allows 35.00 dollars for her personal needs a month! It sure sucks down here, especially since its the retirement district of the world! oh well, I am doing all I can with the info I was given by moms lawyer, just scared that with all my own health issues, and disability this is getting to be alot more than I can handle,,,,,my husband is wonderful at this stuff, and will probably be able to get all done within the deadline, but thats not stopping me from worrying as he has his own health issues as well
and is doing the best he can too!!!! can someone say something to ease my fears a bit? I always hear what I need to hear on this site, whether I like it or not, and thats what I want! not what I want to hear!!! thanks

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Yes I have, and I also have a lawyer, who is wrapping it all up for us!!! But this is a very serious, irrevocable decision, not one that takes five minutes to make because it includes cashing out IRA'S losing funds and really depressing for her as her purse is her security blanket!!! and once its deojne its irrevocable! She will never be able to undo it once its done!!!! very hard to advise her without somehow down the road I will get blamrd anyway forever!

Have you contacted you local Agency on Aging? For my mom, they sent someone out to the house with the forms and helped fill everything out and then submitted it for us. Mom was turned down because she makes too much money, but they did make the application process easy!

Have you not managed everthing else so far????? You can do this too!!! I'm not quite there yet myself but I may be soon. I've gotten a booklet from the attorney to help me through. Are you aware of the 7 doors required? This may just be my state but the requirements for medicaid are defined quite well. Doctors evaluations as well as financial info. need to be documented. You may choose to work with an elder attorney if you don't have one already. They specialize in this stuff.
Trust God & don't worry. Worry doesn't fix anything (I know from my own experience). Most of it will be paper shuffling & conversations with docs. You can also find forms & such online as well as state requirements.
Hope this helped.

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