I got married almost 5 years ago. I switched positions at work. My husband lost and found another job. We bought a home. I had 3 or 4 miscarriages. I'm so busy I got got. My mom has been sick 3 times since...seriously sick. She has been going through a huge change aging, being sick, she has not dated for 30 years...started dating a guy...but is not good at it at all..she is like a teenager... her and her male friend may have broken up. AShe just got over cancer... she is home alone all da y. She married her job so does not know what to do for herself....I am exhausted trying to help her but i feel so bad for her. I have one sister who makes things worse when she does visit.....welcome to my life for the past 4 years...too bad so sad

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Heartbreak is the same at any age. Can you get her to help you with things? Folding laundry, cooking for the week, shopping? Busy work to make her feel needed when you can? I've done this, taken mom along so she thinks I need her help. Not sure if this works or applies to your situation but hugs to you.

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