Have had a rough couple days with Mom this week! Bathtime was a disaster on Wed night. and then putting her to bed became a nightmare tonight! She was going down hall in a good mood & all it took was for me to take her to bathroom before bed & she started carrying on & didn't want to sit on toilet. I just don't know sometimes. Gets so frustrating & I just don't know what I did to deserve these last 10 years of caring for two parents with Alzeheimers -- thank God not at the same time!! Had planned on staying home all weekend with her like I usually do but may have to get out a little. Anywho...just had to vent to people that understand where I am coming from. Thanks for "listening". Hoping you all have a good night's sleep!

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Capri - We only have bathtime once a week, which I don't think is too frequently and she has been doing pretty good lately with it. So, it just caught me by surprise. Mom is not able to wash her own hair or bathe herself.

Mishka - Thanks for the encouragement! Appreciate it. We are supposed to have good weather & hoping Spring has finally Sprung!!!

Hi Nana24- I have insomnia so I am surfing the forum and saw your vent. Sorry for your tough week. Poo. I wish you a good weekend with little stress and sunshine! Blessings!!!!! ((((((Nana24)))))

a lot of old timers arent fond of getting soaking wet. i think bathing too frequently would be exhausting and stressful. my mom washes her hair every week or so and otherwise bathes with a washcloth and occasionally aloe adult wipes. she has no desire to get in a shower or tub. before her brain started failing she was one of the most brilliant people ive ever known. at 81 years old its going to take someone a dam site bigger than me to tell her what to do. if she bathes with a belt sander i aint gonna argue with her..

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