I've been thinking about the caregiving float after reading this thread:

and wonder if it would be a good idea, or even just feasible, to individually then collectively try to spread this concept so that more floats next year will focus on senior needs.

Local sponsors would be needed, if not for funding, for assistance. I may contact AARP to find out if they're aware of the caregiver float, and if so whether they have any plans to support a statewide, then nationwide movement.

I was thinking also that mobilizing those living in IL, AL, or even in rehab would provide a focus, and hopefully some optimism, for the temporary residents. I'm assuming that most have activity benefit funds allocated, so it could be just a switch in focus on one aspect of the activity programs.

While I haven't researched it, it wouldn't surprise me if activity coordinators have a professional group of their own, or perhaps a website, through which they share ideas with others in their profession across the US (or in other countries as well).

Projects could be simple, and a float could be decorated with the projects (returnable to the creators, preferably) and identify the various facilities that have made contributions. To protect privacy, facilities could have their own "honor ceremony", so that recognition is given, but no one's name is publicly released.

Funding would be an issue, so sponsors would be needed, as apparently was the case in the Rose Bowl Day parade.

Thoughts? Is this too far fetched? Too complicated? Suggestions?

And thanks to everyone who posted on the original thread and shared their ideas. It was through their thoughts and contributions that I began thinking about a more widespread recognition through an already cherished parade.

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It would be special but also an enlightening, creative way to educate others about caregiving.

NeedHelpWithMom, thanks for answering.  

Your point about donations is good; it's a way people can feel as if they're contributing.    I could see a pamphlet, or placque, or something honoring them, made in an economically reproducible fashion so that each contributor could have one.   Even a booklet with photos would be a good remembrance tool.  

Wouldn't it be great, and rewarding, if that became a national project?

Thanks for that suggestion; got my mind back on track again!

I saw the photo online of the caregiver float and thought it was very special.

I don’t know about returning items. That seems like it could become inconvenient. Why not make it a donation?

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