I was wondering if a person retires and draws a retirement pension from that place of employment, and I am not ready to draw SS for ten more years, wouldn't it be wise to put ten years with another organization that has a retirement plan and then in ten years I could draw SS, and pension at two different places? Or, if I like it where I am, to let it grow for another ten years and draw from one place rather than two. I feel secure where I am, I like change, but the question I am facing, I don't want to be one of those let go because I was one of the first hired. And I am looking at organizations, not small businesses.

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Hi Fancicoffee:

I left a company after working there 23 years. I had accumulated a large pension fund. The rules were such that every year that I stayed, I got a larger percentage of cash added to this fund. However, I have talked to others that did not have the same plan. I believe that this completely depends upon the plan that your company has established. They don't always work the same way.

Also, I would think that those who were last in the door at your company would have more to worry about than those that have been there a long time unless there is a reason that you feel they would want to replace you.

When I left this company I had really "grown up" there and was concerned about going into a new envirnment. It turned out to be a great move. Change is GOOD! (most times)

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