We had a telemed conference going on with about 6 other counties that had Alz patients. When you finally are diagnosed with Alz.Dem it has already been 15 years in the making !!!!!! I was stunned. So, do the math. 15 years before signs for diagnosing and about 12 years after so that comes up to being in a situation for 27years!!!!! I was so shocked and saddened. If I think back really hard on certain occasions I can now see that that is the case with my DH. 2out of 3 people have Alz. 21 million have the disease. His doc also that they have had good results with Axona (spelling) it's just coconut oil but you need a prescription for it. Don't just run out and buy a ton of coconuts !! I think I spelled it right. He said you could see results in some patients in 30days. Now I am telling you all this because I am repeating what I learned. Please don't challenge me on any of this because I am just the messenger and thought you might like to know. Keep them, happy, safe and comfortable. There is with almost certainy going to be a cure in the next 5-10 years. It has to do with attacking the tangles associated with the disease. Thanks for listening.

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Here is what the Mayo clinic says about axona:

(Since this an org site I think the moderators allow it. If not, I'll give you the conslusion: Until more is known, the Alzheimer's Association doesn't recommend the use of medical foods, including Axona, for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.)

Thanks for the report Tarajane.

I had heard the same thing about the lead time before symptoms show at a dementia conference this year. Lots of research is going on to try to identify very very early indicators, as well as to find ways to head the disease off once it is discovered.

Tarajane, thank you for the update. Oh I hope some scientist somewhere comes up with a cure for Alzheimer's/Dementia while we are still around. There are days that I can't think straight and I have to tell myself it is the stress. Or is it?

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