Reinventing yourself as a CNA after caregiving...


Has anyone considered or has taken a CNA (certified nursing assistant) class after your caregiving task was finished?

Background: In March 2017 I left my home in another state to move to care for Mom, who had dementia and a host of other issues. I cared for her for 13 months until she passed away in April. I wanted to take a CNA class to better care for her but I couldn't get any time away plus I was just too exhausted and burned out to concentrate. I had studied online and found the profession intriguing. While observing Mom's home health aides/nurses and then hospice aides/nurses, I truly appreciated them. I believe I benefited more from their service than Mom!

I've recovered from the exhaustion [and from the extreme mental and emotional abuse of my sisters]. I'm almost 60 but blew off my age and signed up for a CNA class that's 50 miles away. While I'm not looking forward to a 100-mile drive every day with winter approaching, I'm excited for the 3 1/2-week class.

Last week, I happened to be in a political gathering and started gabbing with one attendee who turned out to be a nurse for a county hospice service. She mentioned they needed someone for the southern half of the county--where I live--part-time, per diem only. I don't want a full-time job anyway and traveling around this fantastic county sounds perfect for me plus I can help those who may be far away from any services. [This is a BIG county--how big you ask? Five New England states can fit side by side in it.]

Note: the impetus for this thread is thanks to Ahmijoy who made a great recommendation in this thread:

If anyone who has joined, or is considering joining, this profession, do you have any suggestions, concerns, or regrets? What was your class like? What was your favorite thing? Your least favorite thing? There's a lot I don't know and many of us may want to know. Perhaps we can help others to decide to join this profession and help others--and ourselves after what we've been through.

The technicalities of the class I signed up for is: the class is put on by my county's continuing education section, it's 3 1/2 weeks, every day, 4 p.m.-8 p.m. The last weekend is also taken up all day for practicals.

The cost was $675, but they provide all the equipment and books and the TB test and urinalysis. They also provide scholarships of $400, which they gave me one! That'll help with gas as the class is an hour's drive--one way. When the class is complete, there are testing and certification expenses of a couple hundred dollars.




The good CNAs are marvelous and I've heard them say they have a calling for it -

when you have time, update us on your class - be careful driving each day

I also do not have any experience to share. But is sounds like you would be a very caring person who really could make a difference in people's lives. Good luck.

I don't have any relevant experience MM, but I want to wish you all the luck in the world with your new career!