My mother lives alone, but I live nearby and check on her daily. I take her to all appointments, stores, visits, Drs., etc. I have been doing this for 10 years with no reimbursement. I have 2 sisters who lives 1200 miles away who cannot physically help; yet, they have NEVER offered a dime to pay for any gas or other expenditures. Over these 10 years, I have calculated that I have paid about $6,000 of my own money for gas, incidentals, running mom here and there, etc. I have hit a wall and am currently not on speaking terms with my sisters because I feel resentment and anger that they didn't offer help. Who did they think was paying for gas and other things? My mom has a limited income and cannot afford to pay for her transportation costs. Because I have helped her so much, it has been possible to keep her in her apt and not put her in a nursing home. I make sure she is comfortable and has all she needs, medically, physically, emotionally, etc. I would like to call my sisters, but I feel it is too late to ask for help. Why didn't they think to offer extra money for gas? This hurts me so much, and I HATE begging.

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