Son explains his father's situation: Living in a nursing home in Washington, diagnosed on March 6, and guess what?

He's already recovered! And he's 89 years old!

There is hope, folks.

That is great to hear--we need more positive stories coming out. People are freaking out to an extent I didn't think possible.

DH and I hit Costco on Sat for SHAMPOO (I have plenty but he is a creature of habit and he only like the Costco brand.) Oh, and the low carb dark chocolates he likes. No paper goods, just those two things. ( the store was about 1/3 full)

I run into a friend I haven't seen in ages. She had 2 packed full carts so I helped her maneuver them. I said "whoa, did you break the bank?" and she started to CRY, she said she was so stressed out she couldn't take a deep breath. I wanted to hug her, but she was obviously distancing herself from me. She asked me what I was 'stockpiling' and I laughed at pointed at the cart DH was pushing. I said "Jen, it's going to be OK!! Call me if you need ANYTHING." I felt so bad for her!!

She's hauling $600 worth of cereal and milk and meat and I have 3 packs of candy and shampoo. The irony of the situation was not lost on me.

I am old enough to just barely remember polio outbreaks. And my family was quarantined for 2 weeks in 1959 due to my sister having scarlet fever. This, too, shall pass.

I kind of think we're becoming a nation of fearmongers and that is pointless, folks. Just wash you hands and take the normal precautions.

One girl I know (sweet, but not too bright) is offering a 'deep house cleaning for only $200 due to the coronavirus'. I won't point out to her that she's basically profiteering from ignorance, and cleaning your house is always a good idea, but unless you have the virus active in your home---it's pointless.

We really shouldn't think of corona as a death sentence even for someone in the 80's. Even at it's worst, it's a 15% mortality rate in the older age groups. 85% of 90 yearolds will survive.

Yay! We need hopeful news. 😊

A hopeful story! Hope his dad makes a full recovery. Thanks for posting!

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