This is a book I picked up in 2011. My problems did not start until 2012 but I was attacted to the book because I saw things in both my parents age 89 now going on age 90 that showed I was headed for trouble. I suggest if you read the book it will answer a lot of questions that are reviewed on this sight. You should read the book with post it notes in front of you and mark important pages and subjects. Try not to skip around but start with the first page including the introduction. I am TRYING to care for my parents but feel as if I am failing. The more I try the meaner they get. Hope this helps someone out there. I am too lost to help anyone at the moment.

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We all feel we are failing at times, it is a normal part of this role. Thank you for the book recommendation. One thing I am guilty of is over thinking. If I plan an think this through carefully, everything will work out fine. Nope, life does not work that way.

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