Since about Thanksgiving, husband has had more episodes of not being able to express what he wants to say, difficulty putting on clothes the right way, i.e., top or bottom, zippers, buttons, etc. Nights have been filled with shouting out, kicking, etc.
Today a friend asked him to go with him out to breakfast and on a 40 mile trip to pick up a car part. I thought it was an answer to my prayers, as it is so very rare that he gets to do anything like that (unless it's with me). When they got home, the friend dropped him off in front of our house, but instead he went to the house on the opposite side of the street. The friend yelled at him that he was going the wrong way, so he turned and sent another way to a neighbor's, then realized where home was, and came on home.
After he came in, he told me about all of this, plus, he had an accident with his bowels while in a store, but didn't tell our friend. Of course he is embarrassed.
I am wondering just what stage of FTD this is ~ middle?
He is on Aricept and Elavil besides his usual bp meds and vitamins.

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I think the stages overlap. So, the patient may have some features from several stages. I'd just keep watch, especially with him outside, now that you know that he gets confused out there. And the friend shouldn't drop him off, but escort him to the door. And make sure that when he goes out with friends, that they know not to leave him unattended in a car or inside a store. He may get disoriented and wander away. Though he's figuring it out now, one day, he suddenly may not be able to do it.

I'd also watch his continence issue. My loved one was bladder incontinent first, then also bowel, but I think it varies. My loved one went to diapers when needed and it was never a problem for her. Others have big time resistance. You can get some tips here on how to deal with that.

I'm not familiar with FTD, but with many dementia patients they may lose ground one week, but gain it back the next. Some days are worse than others. My loved one has VD mixed with AD, but, I'm never sure what to expect from her. Her abilities fluctuate.

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