Iam Indian and I was working in the UAE. when my parents fell ill in India, I left the UAE job and came to India to help my parents.
Iam a pharmacist and I built my career in the UAE and become the registered pharmacist of Dubai and UAE. After becoming the registered pharmacist of UAE, I had a very bright career as the registered pharmacist job is in high demand in UAE.
My 75year father is paralysed person with diabetes and my 65 year old mother is heart disease patient. In september 2011 I came to know about my father's serious condition, which left him bedridden. So suddenly I left UAE and came back to India to help him, without the permission of my employer in UAE. Because the employer was refusing to give eme the permission, so I came to India without permission. The employer lodge a complaint against me in the UAE and I lose my UAE career as Iam blacklisted in the UAE. So now I became unemployed. But Iam happy that Iam living with my old parents.
My wife is not happy about this and she is accusing me of leaving the whole world for the sake of my parents.

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Taking care of a parent is never easy and requires a lot of time and resources. Many people are in your shoes and I hope you can find the resources and support you are looking for on this site. Just make sure that you are being honest with yourself and your decision. There is no right or wrong decision. It is what you feel most comfortable with.

Here are a few articles that might help you with what you are going through. Best of Luck.

The Working Caregiver: Issues Faced With Working & Caregiving

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I have divorced my first wife as she was not willing to stay with my parents now I have second wife. I left almost every glamour of my life for my parents.
my name:Zafar

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